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Voting Forum, October 2005

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Voting Forum October 2005
Voting Integrity Forum, June 2005

The CVI Voting Forum was held on October 21, 2005, at the Bucks County Courthouse.

Keynote Speaker: DAN McCREA, former South Miami Commissioner, is the Government Relations Chair of the Miami-Dade Election Reform Coalition (MDERC), MDERC is a non-partisan grassroots coalition working to protect the rights of every eligible voter to cast a ballot and to have that ballot accurately recorded and counted.

      Dan wrote a report, Get It Right the First Time, which immediately buzzed around the state and the country. Dan testified on its contents and hand delivered it to Miami-Dade County, the Florida Division of Elections in Tallahassee, and the United States Election Assistance Commission's hearings on their Voluntary Voting System Guidelines, in New York City. (See CVI Report by Mike Doyle on its findings.) Dan is a state-certified general contractor in Florida, owner of McCrea Construction Consultants, and a former City Commissioner in the City of South Miami



TERESA HOMMEL, voting activist and computer consultant, creator of, presented updated information on security aspects of electronic voting as well as handicapped access.


REVEREND BOB MOORE of Coalition for Peace Action, Princeton, New Jersey,, who has been an election reform activist for years, discussed critical issues relating to verifying our vote in the computer age.


MARY ANN GOULD, co-founder, Coalition for Voting Integrity. She is a system/improvement consultant and a close long-term associate of the late world-renowned Dr. W. Edwards Deming. She spoke about the next steps, including pending legislation at the State and Federal level, to save our vote and our tax dollars.




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