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This Battle for Democracy


Coalition for Voting Integrity Vision

Let there be no mistake, the fight relating to the integrity of OUR voting system is the initial battle in waking up Americans to their basic rights ... to true American values ... to taking back America from special interests ... demanding that the elected serve the interests of the electors ... We the People!

This is not a battle about machines but of and for Democracy itself ... taking corporations, controlling moneyed interests out of politics and having the voices of the people fully heard ... and heeded! 

Thus, we must stand for the principle of striving to prove every vote truly counts and is counted, fully and accurately ... even if it be a single voice/vote speaking out differently from all the rest. We must work to initiate other changes that hold OUR representatives and system of government (including civil servants) responsible for serving the interests of citizens; renewing and building on core American principles, especially freedom, opportunity, and a truly representative government.

We must re-ignite the spirit of innovation, courage, and active involvement of every citizen ... a commitment to building something greater, together. Of course, this in turn requires that each American take responsibility to become informed and involved, including casting his/her vote with knowledge, care, and with the view of fulfilling a sacred responsibility; to participate in as well as oversee our governmental process; to contribute, each in his or her unique way, to continually improving America, fulfilling the promise of what America can be, for each of us and all of us.




Recipe for Responsibility (Empowerment)

1  Need … Important to do … must be done

2  I/We must do it … we are responsible to act, participate in some way

3  I/We can do it … or learn how!


We must change “I/WE CAN’T”... (BECAUSE…) to… “WE MUST, CAN, AND WILL!”

Statement of Principles
by Mary Ann Gould

Voting belongs to American citizens as the most basic right to have our voices heard and acted upon; therefore we must be an integral part of the process of selecting the best voting method … not after the fact but as full partners with those we elected to serve OUR interests. We therefore call for a Citizens and experts Council to work together with OUR elected officials to investigate and recommend the most secure voting process at the lowest cost. We’re ready to help … why not bring in citizens?


Our vote is our most precious right as Citizens.  Nothing else is as important as ensuring the integrity of the entire voting process! Nothing! For everything else derives from the vote … OUR vote!


Over two hundred years ago Thomas Paine wrote, “The right of voting for representatives is the primary right by which all other rights are protected.… To take away this right is to reduce a man to slavery.”


Today, the integrity of our vote may be threatened or compromised by the choice of voting methods … actually or seemingly. New technology can be wonderful BUT when it has demonstrated weaknesses that can be exploited … when big corporations refuse to allow anyone to examine their programming, then just who is in control of OUR vote?


We the People must stand up now for setting the standards of our voting process, for ensuring its integrity and charging OUR representatives … not corporations … with fulfilling their duty to ensure that OUR voting process be beyond reproach … fully, accurately, and completely verifiably reflecting the will of the voters! 


Note: We welcome your responses and thoughts on this issue. Sign up and speak out in our CVI Yahoo Group!