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Pennsylvania State Senator Charles McIlhinney, 10th District, has introduced a PAPER BALLOT-BASED VOTING SYSTEM REIMBURSEMENT BILL, SB 1519. This bill would have the state reimburse counties for all the costs involved in obtaining a paper ballot-based voting system. More than 8,000 precincts in Pennsylvania now use externally paperless Direct Recording Electronic voting systems (DREs).  Because there is no external paper record of voters’ intended votes, there is no way to know if those votes have been registered and counted accurately by the software programming inside the electronic machines.  With a paper ballot-based system, voters mark their votes on a paper ballot either by hand or with a ballot-marking device.  That paper ballot is saved to be used to check the electronic count for meaningful recounts and audits.  We need a paper ballot-based system in Pennsylvania. State reimbursement of the costs involved will provide counties with the means to replace their DREs.

PLEASE CALL YOUR PENNSYLVANIA STATE SENATOR TODAY and ask him or her to sign on as a sponsor of this bill. It has been sent to the State Government Committee, chaired by Sen. Piccola.  Many sponsors will show that this is a bill supported by the citizens of Pennsylvania.

Representative Marguerite Quinn, 143rd District, has introduced the same bill in the House, HB 2711PLEASE CALL YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE TODAY and ask him or her to sign on as a sponsor. Our democracy depends on you!

Testimony offered by CVI's Madeline Rawley at the PA Senate Government Committee's Public Hearing on Election Issues, July 25, 2007

Information brought to PA state legislators, Harrisburg, March 2007


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Information given to Congressman Patrick Murphy, March 2007


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CVI Position Statement on Holt's HR 811

"False Choices in the Debate on Voting Technology" (edited version), essay by Brad Friedman

"Why the Holt Election Reform Bill Must be Amended to Require Real Paper Ballots," by Jon Bonifaz, Constitutional lawyer

"Essential Revisions to HR 811"

"Holt’s HR 811, A Deceptive Boondoggle—10 Blunders to Fix," by Bruce O’Dell