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Candidates for Congress and the Pennsylvania legislature who have pledged ON THEIR WEBSITES to support a voter-verified paper record and random audits, as in House Resolution 550, House Bill 2000, and Senate Bills 977 and 1299 (both introduced by Senator Joe Conti, R-Bucks):
Mike Diamond
Democratic candidate, 31st Pa. Assembly District 
Larry Glick
Democratic candidate, 143rd Pa. Assembly District 
Paul Lang 
Democratic candidate, 6th Pa. Senate District
Harris Martin
Democratic candidate, 18th Pa. Assembly District 
Chris Serpico
Democratic candidate, 10th Pa. Senate District
The Coalition for Voting Integrity invites candidates from all parties to make this commitment and be added to our lists. Please email us at
Photos of candidates at the Grange Fair, signing their pledge of support for a voter-verified paper record and random audits.
Candidates who have pledged their support for a voter-verified paper record and random audits, as in House Resolution 550, House Bill 2000, and Senate Bills 977 and 1299:
Michael Fitzpatrick 
Republican candidate, 8th Congressional District
Chris King
Democratic candidate, 142nd Pa. Assembly District 
Tom Lingenfelter
Independent candidate, 143rd Pa. Assembly District 
Chuck McIlhinney 
Republican candidate, 10th Pa. Senate District
Patrick Murphy
Democratic candidate, 8th Congressional District
John Norvaisas
Democratic candidate, 145th Pa. Assembly District 
Marguerite Quinn
Republican candidate, 143rd Pa. Assembly District 
Jay Sweeney
Green candidate, 111th Pa. Assembly District 
Robert Tomlinson 
Republican candidate, 6th Pa. Senate District
James Trimble
Democratic candidate, 144th Pa. Assembly District 
Dave Wilsey 
Democratic candidate, 24th Pa. Senate District
Rob Wonderling 
Republican candidate, 24th Pa. Senate District
Matthew Wright
Republican candidate, 142nd Pa. Assembly District