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Advancement Project, NAACP National Voter Fund and Voter Action July 2009 report "Uncovering the Flaws in Election Administration: A Joint Report on the 2008 Election Based on CNN and MYVOTE1 Voter Hotline Data"


Common Cause report "Voting in 2008: 10 Swing States"


GAO Report, Sept. 2008: Elections: Federal Programs for Accrediting Laboratories That Test Voting Systems Need to Be Better Defined and Implemented

"Standards for accreditation of labs that test voting machines inconsistent," Jill R. Aitoro,, Sept. 10, 2008


UC Computer Scientists Release Video on How to Hack a Sequoia Touch-Screen Voting Machine,, 9/9/08


Vendors are undermining the structure of U.S. elections: A VotersUnite report on the current situation and how to reclaim elections--in 2008 and beyond" by Ellen Theisen. Watch Lou Dobbs' August 20 coverage:

Dr. Rebecca Mercuri's testimony, Election Assistance Commission (EAC) Roundtable, April 24, 2008

Brad Friedman's testimony, Election Assistance Commission (EAC) Roundtable, April 24, 2008

Bev Harris's testimony, Election Assistance Commission (EAC) Roundtable, April 24, 2008

Pennsylvania: The Worst Place to Vote in America, by Bev Harris of Black Box Voting,, April 14, 2008


Dan Rather Reports, No. 227,, "The Trouble with Touchscreens"


The Kudzu Effect: The Voting-Industrial Complex Chokes Our Democracy by The Free Press, Jan./Feb. 2008


Miami-Dade County's experience: Touch Screen (DRE) vs. Optical Scan by Mike Doyle, Retired Research Scientist


California Top to Bottom Review of Voting Technology


CA Secretary of State Debra Bowen’s decisions issued August 3, 2007, following the top-to-bottom review of voting machines used in California, team reports


Open Letter to CA Secretary of State Bowen by Rebecca Mercuri, July 27, 2007


How we got into this mess: "Democracy Reloaded" by Michael Collins, July 24, 2007

Congress Urged to Address Security and Reliability of Voting Machines by Lawrence Norden of Brennan Center, May 7, 2007>>

New Government Accountability Office (GAO) Report: "Elections: All Levels of Government Are Needed to Address Electronic Voting System Challenges," March 7, 2007

MD Federation of Republican Women Testimony in Favor of Optical Scan, Feb. 22, 2007


Improving Access to Voting: A Report on the Technology for Accessible Voting Systems

By Noel Runyan
February 14, 2007

"Most currently deployed voting systems, including direct-recording electronic (DRE) systems, do not meet current HAVA and ADA disability accommodation requirements."


Electronic Voting & Fair Vote Counts: 15 Expert Reports
By Rady Ananda,, Jan. 18, 2007


Report issued: E-Voting Failures in the 2006 Mid-Term Elections  "1,022 reports of problems associated with electronic voting equipment from 314 counties in 36 states. Many reports depicted multiple problems." January 2007


National Institute of Standards and Technology Evaluation of Electronic Voting, November 2006


Brennan Center for Justice Report, November 21, 2006


Statewide Databases of Registered Voters: Study of Accuracy, Privacy, Usability, Security, and Reliability Issues commissioned by the U.S. Public Policy Committee of the Association for Computing Machinery, February 2006


New Mexico goes for all paper ballots and optical scan after problems with Danaher and Sequoia machines.


Miami-Dade County's experience: Touch Screen (DRE) vs. Optical Scan by Mike Doyle


Government Accountability Office (GAO) Report, September 2005


Slots vs. DREs by Mike Doyle


Report on our Danaher voting machines compiled by New Castle County, Delaware, Department of Elections, June 22, 2004