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Ways to be involved

Sign up for a CVI workshop to learn how to become active in your neighborhood to promote election integrity. You will learn how to take action in the following areas:

There are several important ways to become involved in bringing transparency, checks and balances, and integrity back into our elections. For the upcoming presidential election:



Volunteers are needed outside the polling place on Election Day to be citizen journalists, videotaping and recording their observations and interviews of voters.  


Help CVI volunteers do exit polling outside your polling place on Election Day, November 4.


Become a watchdog by signing up with your party Committeeperson to be a pollwatcher inside the polling place on Election Day.


Pollworkers who are paid may be needed at your polling place. Many pollworkers are senior citizens and younger applicants will be needed over time. Ask your municipal party chair to help you find out if such help is needed.  Ask to be a pollwatcher for an election or two before asking about pollworker opportunities.



Attend your municipality's scheduled meetings and request that they pass a resolution in favor of a voter-marked paper ballot system (optical scanners) for Bucks County. Some municipalities have already done this. Most have modeled their resolutions on the one passed by Doylestown Township.


Buy the DVD Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections  and show it at a house party for your family and neighbors. A CVI volunteer can speak at your house party to help you. Let’s spread the message around Bucks County that we want checks and balances and that means voter-marked paper ballots read by optical scanners.


Learn to speak about voting integrity to your local clubs and groups. Saving our vote is a community effort that takes passion by many to succeed.  CVI can provide guidance in speaking out for the kinds of changes we need.


Try to attend the Bucks County Commissioners’ twice-monthly meetings when you are able (for their rotating location sites that might be close to your home, and dates, go to The County Commissioners are the decision makers for our election system. Go to meetings, contact them by phone or email.  They need to hear that we as citizens know that elections and our vote belong to us.



Write letters to the editor, elected officials, including county commissioners, state legislators and members of Congress. We believe:


We need optical scanners that give us the paper proof or our vote, independent of software. We must scrap the Danaher machines, whose accuracy is impossible to verify. A number of states are discarding such touchscreen systems in favor of optical scanners.


We call for frequent, regular, public Board of Election meetings to discuss voting integrity issues, such as citizens being consulted ahead of polling place changes and effectively notified of these changes.


We believe that an education drive for all of Bucks County is needed for this presidential election, to ensure that all citizens know without a doubt whether their names have been purged from voting rolls or still remain actively registered.


Contact your Pennsylvania state representatives and tell them to vote NO on the new proposal for voter ID that is resurfacing. Support Representative Babette Josephs (D-Phila.) as she fights this unnecessary and burdensome proposal. Tell your legislators that your signature is sufficient for identification at the polls.


VOLUNTEER with the Coalition for Voting Integrity

Our three-year-old group needs your help. Get involved as little or as much as you can, as we reach out to your neighbors about the crucial issue of election integrity. Citizen action in civic affairs is vital. Remember Ben Franklin’s admonishment?  When asked what kind of government had been decided upon, he replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”


Most urgently, help is needed for a few hours a week with production of our weekly radio show, Voice of the Voters. Such help would be invaluable. You might be called on to network with national leaders, help promote the show to other internet groups, or help create the weekly show announcement, always under guidance of more experienced volunteers.


Contact the Coalition for Voting Integrity by writing to or call Ruth, 267-250-2879.  Sign up for email updates about local and national voting integrity efforts posted at our website, Listen to our radio show, Voice of the Voters, Wednesdays, 8 PM ET.

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